Success of any marketing strategy is measured on results. We are confident that by implementing the campaigns effectively and following your strategy, you will receive a high volume of quality leads.

This is usually where many businesses fall short, expecting these contacts to automatically make a purchase. This may happen on occasions however there is a lot more to gain from these leads if they are managed correctly.

We will provide numerous initiatives to suit all types of golf club and enable you to generate much greater revenue from these leads, rather than waiting for them to come to you.

Our proven Sales procedure was developed with a high level of customer service and satisfaction in mind. Building a relationship with prospective customers, actively listening to their needs, overcoming objections and providing solutions, we are confident that your Golf Club will see the benefits of having a bespoke Sales process in place.

Focusing on adding value and not discounting, we are confident that our clients will be successful in attracting new customers even whilst increasing their prices. We encourage our clients to avoid entering in to a price war with their competitors and devaluing their product.

We provide our clients with full Sales training and supply you with comprehensive guides to ensure that the process becomes a natural process. To maintain high standards, a  'Mystery Shop' service is also available which comes with a full report, debrief and additional training where required.

By introducing the Golf Management Solutions Sales process to your Golf Club, you will increase your Membership, Golf Societies, Visitors, Wedding and Events revenue and put your Golf Club ahead of your competitors.

Our clients have full access to an online portal where additional information, content and templates are readily available and will provide you with the tools you require through every step of the way.

Our experts are also available if you have any questions or require additional guidance.

Can you imagine the positive impact an additional 50 members every year would have to the revenue of your Golf Club?

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