Who are we?

We are a Golf specific Marketing company with a difference. We work with Golf Clubs who have identified the need to adopt a different approach to Golf operations in order to improve their venue. Where we differ from similar companies is that we go beyond the Marketing stage and help our clients use the results from our Marketing success to generate Sales for their business. As Golf Clubs generally have little knowledge of the Sales & Marketing journey, we also provide unlimited support, training and advice from the outset.

So why Golf, isn't it a dying sport?

First a little history...

I started playing Golf from the bright young age of 3, introduced by my Dad. (Taking me along probably made it easier for him to get a pass out). I have played ever since and turned Professional at 17 and qualified 4 years later am currently a PGA AA Professional. Having held numerous Head Professional & Director of Golf positions, I diversified in to the Sales & Marketing side of the industry 5 years ago when a promotion opportunity came available at the club I was teaching at.

So many of my friends & colleagues took a similar path as I did and are currently PGA Professionals all over the world. A select few are making a comfortable living, as I have for a number of years however there is a much larger group who are Club Professionals at reasonable Golf Clubs who struggle financially. Whilst they are all great guys, there are clear differences between the two groups which have resulted in their levels of achievement. Neither is a bad Golf Professional and neither are of of World class standard.

The two groups are devided generally by two key factors, both of which they are in full control of and could change instantly.


These two groups of similarly qualified and experienced PGA Professionals are divided firstly by their positivity.

There are the ones who stand in their Pro' Shop day in, day out, selling the odd bit of equipment except for escaping to the range for the odd lesson ot two. They work 5-6 days a week, long hours and moan about less people playing golf resulting in their poor income. They have held similar positions over the years and tend to make the same decisions and achieve resulting in similar results.

On the flip side, the second group have similar roles at comparable venues. This group are more proactive in their approach, very sociable and interact with their customers in the Pro' shop and Clubhouse. You will often see them at the Driving Range chatting away and giving the odd quick tip when you are hitting a few balls. They will join you for a few holes on an evening, hey they may even play you for a fiver. Knowingly or not, their positivity is an investment in their business. Positivity breeds positivity. Most of these guys enjoy their jobs, may work less hours yet are a lot more procuctive.


How can simlar businesses with identical knowledge, qualifications and experience achieve such different results?

Some of my friends allocate time each week to update their websites, they post regularly on numerous Social Media streams, they are constantly changing their retail displays and send emails to their previous customers.

Some of my friends don't!

So back to the question, So why Golf, isn't it a dying sport?

Having diversified in to Sales & Marketing yet still in the Golf industry, I have consistantly earned more money than I ever did as a PGA Professional. This being mainly due to the fact that Sales & Marketing is affected very little by poor weather giving me a steady income.

As a Sales & Marketing Manager responsible for generating over £1.5 million for a Golf, Wedding & Events venue, I attended numerous seminars and bootcamps, read books and engaged with some of the world leading experts on Social Media. It didn't take long before I was achieving some of the best results the venue has ever seen. I became the topic of conversation at local Golf Clubs in 2015 after attracting 267 new golf club members sigle handed. Over a 3 year period I was actually personally responsible for attracting over 600 new members to the same Golf Club.

Golf may be a declining industry but it.s and industry that I know very well. I have proved that the design and implementation of a well structured Sales & Marketing strategy can have incredible results.

Golf Club Solutions has been designed specifically to assist Golf Clubs who want to make a difference by improving their venue.

If we assist just 10% of the UK's Golf Clubs to succeed their goals, over 2,300 Golf Clubs may wish they had taken action sooner.