Much More Than Marketing

Golf Club Solutions provide the most comprehensive, Golf specific, Sales & Marketing  service and have generated £millions of revenue for golf clubs over the past 5 years.

Golf has changed, the behaviour, playing and spending habits of golfers has altered. There are more golf courses and fewer golfers and more leisure activities to choose from.

When was the last time your golf club had a full membership with a waiting list?

With more competition than ever before and customer habits changing, every golf club needs a strategy in place to ensure a healthy, financial future.

There are however a small number of golf courses who are setting new standards and going against the trend. They are attracting new members, increasing revenue, reducing costs and are investing in their facilities.

We know Golf and have generated £millions revenue within the industry over the past few years, in a declining market.

How do you see the future of your golf club?


Would your golf club benefit from;

  • Increased awareness

  • Improved communication

  • Better use of Social Media platforms

  • Creating a marketable database

  • Generating more, quality leads

  • Increasing incoming inquiries

  • Closing more sales

  • Tracking Sales & Marketing performance

  • Generating £100,000’s additional revenue

  • Increasing retention

  • Improving overall customer experience

  • Saving time

  • Saving money

Between 2016 - 2017 the average UK Golf Club introduced 76 new members, and lost 84.

What financial effect would an additional 50 members every year have on your golf club?

With many golf clubs abolishing their joining fees, golfers are inclined to assess their membership options more frequently.

Customer service and perceived value have a direct impact on member retention.

Improving customer communication can instantly increase your member engagement.

Be the one to take action and start making a positive difference to your golf club.

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